The most common request I assist with is transfers from online vendors.   An online transfer is easy and it saves you money in most cases.  Here are some general guidelines and details on how to buy a firearm online.


  1. I will accept any legal item from another FFL.   If you are shopping and your seller is an FFL, then just win the auction and then contact me (see below)
  2. If the seller is a private party (web forums, private sellers on gunbroker, etc).
    1. Handguns: The seller will need to ship from an FFL.   please confirm this with the seller BEFORE you bid.
    2. Long Guns: I will accept long guns from private parties as long as they are willing to include a state issue photo ID with the item.  The FROM address on the package should match this ID.  Please confirm this with the seller BEFORE bidding.

Contact Me:

  1. Once you’ve made your purchase it’s important to contact me via email.  In this email you should include the following:
    1. A clear picture of your FOID card. (cell phone pictures are fine as long as they are legible)
    2. A brief description of the item you will be receiving. (e.g. Used handgun, Glock Model 22)
    3. Your contact phone number and let me know if text messages are acceptable to this number.
  2. Let me know if I need to send my FFL to the seller.  Many already have my FFL on file but some do not.   I will need a valid email address for the seller and any order number or auction number you may have for reference.
  3. please repeat the above each time you make a purchase.  This helps keep the communications and records clear to ensure smooth service!

My Email Address:

  • GDK (at)   (I format it like this in the hopes that it will reduce automatic spam, apologies for the inconvenience)
  • I get a lot of email….most of it is garbage.  I do a good job filtering it and I do watch my junk mail folder.   Please put something gun-related in the subject line.   If for some reason I don’t reply within 1-2 business days (I don’t always answer over the weekends), don’t sweat it….you can email me again or call and I’ll see it.